Ambercroft Training Centre (LIUNA)

About This Project

Richmond Hill, Ontario
The LIUNA Local 506 Training Centre is a training facility for the Labourers’ International Union of North America that provides a diversity of training for its members. The existing facility had surpassed its maximum capacity and required expansion and upgrading. The firm was responsible for creating a brighter, modern and welcoming addition. The vision was to not only provide the site with its functional requirements, but to reconnect it to the community by addressing the public street it fronts.


The intention was to project a positive and modern image to the surrounding community while respecting the heritage structure within the site, while at the same time addressing the minor gateway location that this site is adjacent to. The stepped massing form, while keeping in mind spatial requirements for certain functions, articulated architectural facades, and material use were all harmoniously brought together to address balancing the old with the new.


The contemporary building design promotes sustainable design through tools such as site planning, landscape treatment, shading and solar control, storm water management, sustainable material use, and energy efficient building systems. Enhanced landscape treatment is an integral part of the design proposal and promotes the overall vision to create a high quality of design.