Erin Mills Power Centre

Designing new details for everyday retail buildings.

Erin Mills Power Centre

Designed with flexibility and an outlook for future development, the Erin Mills Power Centre is a 250,000 square foot retail and entertainment facility occupied by an array of small and large scale retail outlets, food facilities and entertainment options. Special attention to the design of transparent entrances, signage and display areas focuses on creating a human-scaled and unified environment. The design of the site compliments nearby shopping developments, while maintaining a unique identity meant to engage shoppers and visitors.


First Gulf Development Corporation


A 50-acre site located at the intersection of Laird Road and Hwy 403 in Mississauga, Ontario


Development of an innovative lifestyle and entertainment complex.


Design Features

Refreshing the typical design aesthetic of retail power centres, the Erin Mills design adds new architectural elements to this true building form. New elements include creative use of metal pylons, creative signs and elevated glass which breaks up the typical uniform building design of retail centres. Entrances are specifically articulated with high cantilevered canopies and prominent use of glass to bring visual interest. These unique features also provide a unified image to the centre and a sense of human scale.

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