Old Hyde Park Village

Mixed Use, Urban Design & Master Planning
About This Project

Tampa, Florida
Designed on the principle of complete communities, the Old Hyde Park development infuses a vibrant new energy into the existing historic neighbourhood. Taking cues from the details of existing heritage architecture, the upgrade adds 220 human-scaled condominium townhomes, a vibrant stretch of street-oriented retail and office space, and half an acre of new community parkland.
This project redeveloped six blocks of Tampa’s downtown into a thriving, mixed-use urban neighbourhood centre of 220 townhouses and apartments integrated with 300,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, serviced by city bus routes and 1,000 parking spaces. The project includes the creation of a central, formal village green as the “commons” for the neighbourhood, street-related, arcade retail uses, interconnected with residential entry courtyards in response to the hot and wet climate, an increase in commercial and residential densities to assure appropriate critical economic mass, while retaining low rise urban form, the separation of local traffic from centre-oriented traffic, integration of the project with historic houses through infill and buffering with new housing, and the enhancement of pedestrian connections between the centre and the historic neighbourhood.
The master plan was developed through a series of intensive public workshops initiated by the firm, who the also prepared urban design and retail guidelines, leading to the City’s adoption of a new mixed-use zoning category.
The project has received international recognition as a forerunner of “new urbanism”, advancing Old Hyde Park Village’s registration as a National Historic Neighbourhood.