Onondaga County Central Library at the Galleries of Syracuse

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About This Project

Syracuse, New York
Located on a 0.85 ha mixed use downtown site adjacent to three department stores, the Hotel Syracuse and prime office space, this project comprises of the 12,000 square meter Onondaga County Central Reference Library, which is spread over three levels and overlooks an atrium. Apart from the Library component, this project also contains 11,000 square metres of retail space on two levels that is organized along interior pedestrian ways and a seven storey, 7,000 square metre atrium, and 15,000 square metres of office space on five levels. A space needs analysis and program definition was prepared in association with Ms. Margaret Beckman, and the design, in association with Syracuse Architects King + King.


The prime challenge was to create a distinctive identity for the library within a very large full block mix-use commercial project. This was accomplished by giving the library its own on-street address separate from the commercial entrance, and by opening up the library floors to the through block five storey high glazed atrium. This unique design solution was awarded the United States Urban Development Award.