Queensville New Town & East Gwillimbury Master Plan and Design Guidelines

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Queensville Newtown &
East Gwillimbury Master Plan and Design Guidelines

With an expanding population, the Hamlet of Queensville commissioned a master plan for a vibrant, mixed-use community to house 30,000 new residents and supporting infrastructure. Centred around an urban town core, a radial-grid system of clear streets establishes the framework for a forward-thinking community linked by transit and cycling. The town core houses a collection of retail, office, residential and institutional uses and extends into the residential periphery where 10,000 mixed-income units, a private university campus, and preserved forest and valleylands form an eclectic, suburban community. Ten years later, the municipality retained the firm for further services to design a Master Servicing Plan and prepare a set of urban design guidelines.


Town of East Gwillimbury


The hamlet of Queensville


Master plan of a new town and urban design guidelines for the Town of East Gwillimbury


Design Inspiration

The original design inspiration for this burgeoning community is based upon a modified grid with modern transit connections to the urban town core. The plan structure was also carefully designed to take into consideration the natural formations of the plateaus and valleys of the land.


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