Shanghai International Ocean Shipping Centre

A beacon of China’s maritime industry.


Developed as the corner-site landmark in the Pudong Financial District, the 50-storey tower designed in partnership with WZMH is the headquarters for international shipping interests in Shanghai. Containing 35 floors of functional office space, 8 floors hotel suites, and a vast collection of commercial uses, the tower is a vibrant home of business and culture. The award-winning building features an active indoor/outdoor swimming pool and a unique revolving rooftop restaurant overlooking the city centre.


China Ocean Shipping Co. Shanghai No.3 Construction Yick Fung Shipping HK Co.


A 1.2 ha corner-site along Pudong Road in the Pudong Financial Development Centre.


To create a landmark 50-storey tower as the headquarters for international ocean shipping interests in Shanghai.


Design Details and Use

Alternating tiers of curvilinear and angled building shapes separate the distinct uses of the monumental Shanghai International Ocean Shipping Centre.

The ground-level podium that faces the busy Shanghai city street comprises of retail and commercial space. Up to the 35th floor, prestige office spaces occupy the softly curving edifice that emerges from the geometric core. Up to the 48th floor this building block holds a hundred hotel suites. A revolving restaurant caps the entire Centre providing marvelous panoramas of the city and sea beneath.


Site Considerations

A part of the now iconic Pudong Financial District, the Shanghai International Ocean Shipping Centre was one of the early towers to dot the Shanghai skyline. Although covering a 1.2 ha area within the city’s busy commercial zone, the site is only a stones throws away from the Huangpu River.


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