St. Francis Xavier Church & Parish Hall, Mississauga

Celebrating faith, gathering and neighbourhood.

St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church & Parish

Organized along an interior “Parish Street,” the narthex, nave, chapel, church hall, meeting rooms and offices foster an efficient flow and maximize the use of space within the St. Francis Xavier Church. A sloped second storey provides additional space and light, while complimenting the vertical Church Bell Tower. Built to commemorate World Catholic Youth Day, the bold neighbourhood landmark is sculpted from solid steel, suspended concrete, and a pair of custom designed bells. Etched glass panels change colour with different levels of daylight, and provide a warm glow when illuminated at night.


Archdiocese of Toronto


1.733 ha site on Mavis Road in Mississauga, Ontario


Addition of 475 sq m of offices and amenity space including multi-purpose rooms and rectory


Design Inspiration

The inspiration for St. Francis Xavier’s Church harkens back to traditional Christian church layouts but designed with modern elements. The central “Parish Street” acts as the primary physical and social link between the two main uses of the space: worship and community gathering.


Design Feature

The bell tower and crucifix features most prominently in the architecture and as a landmark in the community. The industrial and geometric design of glass complements the wood and brick elements of the edifice. Additional space requirements for parish offices and meeting space were accommodated by adding an additional floor that is integrated with the overall church massing. The rectory addition utilizes the same language of materials and architectural elements.

St. Francis Xavier

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