Waterloo Town Square

Remaking the town square, the main street and the heart of a community.

Waterloo Town Square

The Waterloo Town Square re-orients the downtown as an active shopping street with pedestrians at its core. Designed to invigorate the urban fabric along a 4-block stretch of King Street, the plan incorporates a lively civic square, human-scaled buildings with retail at grade and word class office space on the upper two floors. The existing shopping mall is reimagined with an extension and street level entrances. Combined with widened sidewalks, modest landscaping and pedestrian access to shared parking, the Waterloo Town Square fosters a strong sense of community and pride. This project was recognized by the Urban Land Institute as one of the top 25 mixed-use developments in the Americas in 2009.


First Gulf Development Corporation


2 city blocks in Waterloo Town Square


Mixed use retail commercial redevelopment of an enclosed mall and surrounding buildings on the main street.


Site Considerations

The Uptown Waterloo redevelopment is located in the traditional downtown of Waterloo’s commercial and civic core. The redevelopment sought to rebuild a critical portion of the downtown that was left disjointed by the creation of a suburban style enclosed shopping mall some 50 years ago. The intrusion left a vast undesirable surface parking abutting the main street and businesses isolated from the commercial experience inside the mall. The redevelopment project intended to reunify and integrate these site elements back together.


Use of Buildings

One of the key pillars of the master plan was to realize business goals including reducing tenant vacancies for commercial and retail properties as well as improving investment returns. This was a part of the whole strategy for the development to act as a catalyst for landlord upgrades through the improved public realm. In total 7,500 square meters of mixed-use buildings were developed in the context of a 3-block master plan.


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